Monthly Archives: August 2016

Ends Monday, Tuesday Painters

The Tuesday Painters end their exhibition on Bank Holiday Monday, but there is an opportunity to visit all weekend.

Dining out in Rye

The decor may seem curious to some, but even a sophisticated London journo drools over the food

Let’s go sailing with RHSC

Another invitation to try your hand at sailing with the Rye Harbour Sailing Club

The bells of hell go ting-a-ling….

The anonymous complaint about church bells has stirred up something of a hornets nest

An interview with…….

This week an interview with Rye MP and new Home Secretary

Volunteer or shop assistant?

A personal view of the pros and cons of volunteering - just don't shoot the messenger!

60 years of congestion inaction

A Rye returnee airs his views on the parking problem

Fears about new owners

EDF the new owners of the Dungeness Estate, are committed to conserving the land as a nature reserve, but growing numbers of visitors and new modern house-building are changing the character of the place

Is a street-sweeper necessary?

The street sweeping machine does an excellent job - but is not popular with everybody

Jazz Festival tickets sell fast

London based Cuban band Kandela Mi Son will be performing their vibrant blend of Cuban music guaranteed to get you and the family dancing at the Rye Jazz Festival

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