Monthly Archives: November 2016

Let’s go to the movies!

Oscar and Bafta winning Ida is the inaugural showing from the newly rejuvenated Rye Film Club, telling the story of a young nun in 1960s Poland, who embarks on a mission to discover her past

Autumn recital at Fairlight Hall

A recent Hastings competition winner blows away the audience at a recent concert. Heidi Foster reports

Rye conservation latest

The Rye Conservation Society has had a very busy year, judging by the content of its latest newsletter to members

Music Well-comes all comers

The Music Well community interest company encourages the widest public participation in its aims by opening its annual meeting to the whole community

Celebrate a free health club day

Try the free day at the Rye Harbour Health Club and you may even join to get fit this winter

Bourne ultimatum leads to fob off

Rye News proprietor, Kenneth Bird, has been in correspondence with Katy Bourne on the question of illegal parking. We publish the exchange of emails here

Traffic dominates RTC meeting

Detailed discussion of further traffic hot spots took up a large amount of the full meeting of Rye Town Council this month

Rent hike closes Rye Bakery

The closure of a baker's shop in the High Street without warning comes as a major blow to Rye's retail capability, but all is not lost

Bonfire heroes rocket to space

Get ready for this year's bonfire spectacular on November 12. This year will be particularly special as we have lost two bonfire society stalwarts John Izod and Jimper Sutton. They will be remembered this year and forever

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming early to Rye, on December 10. Heidi Foster looks forward to the action

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