Monthly Archives: April 2017

Time running out to register to vote

County Council elections are on May 4. This is your opportunity to engage with the democratic process

Air your views at MarshLink AGM

The present and future prospects of our local train service will be discussed at the MLAG AGM

Lifeboat starts the Camber season

Rye Harbour lifeboat service launches for the first time this year. It was a false alarm - but the crew are gearing up for a busy summer. Thank goodness for these brave and accomplished volunteers

Local teenager speaks to Lib Dems

A young political hopeful makes his mark at a Party Conference

Seal steals the spotlight

An aquatic visitor, seen previously at Rock Channel, is becoming braver

Parking – lobby your Council

Last week's lead article was prompted by a letter on traffic and parking, discussed at a recent Town Council meeting. Here the author of that letter explains and expands on the extracts we quoted

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