Monthly Archives: April 2017

Pier becomes (yarn) bombsite

Hasting pier shows off the mother of all yarn bombings

Permaculture – a sustainable life

Anyone interested in sustainable living watch the film Inhabit

Green group’s nuclear visit

The Rother Environmental Group goes nuclear at Dungeness

Marsh churches need support

The Romney Marsh churches are internationally famous for their location and beautiful architecture. Historically in a class of their own, they need the dedicated support of friends to maintain them

Raising river’s tidal walls

Flood risks are always in mind as the Environment Agency reveals its latest plans

Winchelsea ‘elects’ new Mayor

Mayoral glass ceiling broken in Winchelsea

Good Friday’s Walk of Witness

The meaning of Good Friday is called to mind through a simple re-enactment and procession through the streets of Rye

One hour in the museum

Rye was open for visitors over Easter and the town's volunteers were kept busy - including East Street's Museum which threw open its doors and all sorts of people came in

Celebrating St George’s Day

This year’s St George’s Day celebration will take place this Sunday April 23. A parade (shown above) of former servicemen and present-day youth organisations...

An eggcase hunt with a difference

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve hosted a popular search for mermaids' purses - and the results are now in!

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