Monthly Archives: September 2017

Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?

The old controversy stirs again, did Shakespeare really write all that?

A weekend of glassware

It would be hard to say whether it was Andy McConnell or the audience who enjoyed his performance most

Acting up in a caravan

Back by popular demand the team at the Rye Arts Festival hauled a caravan up Lion Street into the courtyard of the Kino for...

Beyond the Roadshow

It was an an unlikely career path that brought Andy McConnell fame as a renowned glass expert

Camera Club on show

The Camera Club's exhibition this year was a highlight of the Rye Arts Festival

Where the Weald meets the Marsh

Ethel, on East Street, loves a local artist

An evening with Sarah McQuaid

An artiste of great talent and a joy to listen to

Camber safer this year

Following the events of 2016, fewer visitors have ventured to the beach at Camber this summer

Shelter in boxes for Barbuda

How a hurricane feels for waiting relatives locally

Camber’s wedding showcase

The Gallivant at Camber shows its style

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