Monthly Archives: September 2017

Helping hurricane victims

Help is needed by the victims of the two hurricanes

Secret affairs

RDC is behaving like a South American junta over parking issues

Questions left unanswered

A talk on Shakespeare in Rye (for the mayor making of Mermaid Inn owner John Fowtrell) raises more question than it provides answers

Art in the roof

Rye Art Gallery has a permanent collection. Come and see the artists' choice

Dixter’s great pottery exhibition

New pieces added to Great Dixter's selling pottery exhibition due to poular demand

Not a lunch concert – a feast!

An organ recital to satisfy the soul and lift the spirits

Shadows in the gallery

A new and innovative exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery

Let’s go to the movies!

Stephen King's evil bloodthirsty clown is back preying upon a town's children in this remake of IT

British nostalgia at its best

A fun evening with past nostalgia and the wonderful mighty Wurlitzer

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