Monthly Archives: September 2018

Councils stir after summer break

The Town Council meet after the recess

Mermaid hosts Friends of Tilling

Devotees of EF Benson’s Mapp and Lucia novels massed to celebrate the famous author

Crowds gather at Sound Mirrors

The RSPB opened up the Listening Ears to public visits at the weekend, to raise funds and offer the chance to view these fascinating monuments, which were designed to offer early warning of approaching enemy warplanes

Le Tour de Rye et Romney Marsh

A ride round the highways and byways of the Marsh awaits you and your bike

Rally des Fistons

A classic car rally brought some beautiful machines to the Mermaid

Old Scholars to meet up

Rye Old Scholars Association brings together all who went to school in Rye in the 1960s

We are changing- honest!

We're late and here is why

Developers show their hand

A new plan is proposed for part of Rock Channel

Raft race launches Sea Festival

The maritime festival returns for another year of competition and high jinks

Cycling from Rye to Syracuse

Simon Aylett’s epic 2,000-mile bike ride from Rye to Syracuse, Sicily finally got away on Saturday morning September 1. Meridian TV was on hand...

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