Monthly Archives: October 2018

Dachshunds dash at Dixter

Nothing like a collection of dachshunds to cause chaos

What is a castle without a bat?

A brown long-eared bat takes brief residence in the Ypres Tower

Charity Porsche 911 visits RNLI

A London couple aimed to raise money for the RNLI by using their Porsche 911

BP fights back on petrol station

While we await the decision on BP's appeal to build a petrol station on Udimore Road, Rye News reads through the paperwork

ESCC consults on electric cars

Local authorities are consulting on where you think electric vehicle charging points should be located in and around Rye

Have police van, will travel

An unusual sight in Rye - not one, but two police officers engaging with the public

British Justice – world’s best?

Our criminal justice system is flawed when the independence of the judiciary and the right to a free trial is increasingly being eroded by political interference

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