Monthly Archives: February 2019

Time to start seeding

Get seed sowing for the annual Rye fruit and veg show in August this year

News about beach clean surveys

Everyone, please take rubbish home and keep beaches clean

Young entrepreneurs half-term in Harbour

Young people raised money for Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

RNLI crew get creative

RNLI crew create their pebbles for the Mary Stanfod pavement

A happy musical Sunday

Lovers of music, poetry and musicians are welcome to participate at Olde Worlde Wines' regular knees-up

A complex history – the Middle East

Mediation is needed to create solution in the Middle East.

All the eights, eighty eight

Eyes down for a full house at Tilling Green

Flooding on Winchelsea Road

River flooding is quite a regular occurrence after high tides

Tennis courts flood concern

East Sussex County Council raise their concerns regarding the risk of flooding as a result of the Rye Tennis Club development

Rye News sloe gin competition

This year, the annual home-made sloe gin competion will kick off a week of gin events. Mothers, prepare for ruin!

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