Photos from the festival

The Canterburye Tales

This is our final review in pictures of the arts festival.  With thanks to the photographers Tony Ham, Paul Whiteman and Veryan Pollard, all of the Rye and District Camera Club, Isabel Ryan and kt Bruce.

Victoria Consort – kt Bruce

Ben Bedford – Kt Bruce and Tony Ham

Diva Opera – Tony Ham and Kt Bruce

So, where did it all go wrong? – Paul Whiteman, Kt Bruce, Isabel Ryan

Adam Nicolson, The sea is not made of water – Veryan Pollard

Bright is the Ring of Words, Felix Kemp and Simon Lepper – Tony Ham

Pizarro and Coombs piano duo – Tony Ham

Canterburye Tales – Tony Ham

Image Credits: Tony Ham , Kt Bruce , Paul Whiteman , Isabel Ryan , Veryan Pollard .


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