Barclays give in to protest

Public opinion beats the bank

Secret affairs

RDC is behaving like a South American junta over parking issues

Udimore Road garage proposal back

Readers write in to protest about the new filling station proposal

In memory of Peter Dyce

Thank you to Kenneth for advising the death of my uncle Peter in Rye News and for his and Margaret's kind letter this week...

Appeal to MP on Studio School

A student of the Studio School makes an open appeal to our MP

GP surgery wins top award

Congratulations to Northiam surgery

Who ‘deserves’ a council house?

How are the occupants of the town's new council house to be chosen?

Deadman’s damage

More damage in Deadmans Lane

Plebgate Part 3: Rebuttal

The plebgate saga continues. The Armoury's owner has his say

Sounds familiar?

Our church clock at St Mary's is not the only one to suffer problems

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