CDR’s ‘false promises’

Dear Editor The 10 Campaign for a Democratic Rye candidates in 2011 were elected on false and unachievable promises, such as: “We aim to take back...

Thanks to the Conquest

Conquest Hospital wins high praise for caring treatment

Unpublished news – Brexit

Financial implications of Brexit for all of us

Accident has happened

The recent completion and opening of the cycleway along Harbour Road led to comments on the dangers to motorists - and a reader has taken the matter up with East Sussex County Council... quoting the government's own manual!

Where we live

Do watch this lovely programme. It starts round the Citadel, goes to Camber, Dungeness, Martello, Rye Harbour, Dover, Pett Level, RSPB area and a bit...

A new beacon for Rye?

A reader's view on the proposed petrol station

Kino – a warm welcome

Dear Editor What a joy it is to enter our newest business in Rye: the Kino. The ambience created in the café is fantastic and...

Controlling interests

Our reporter's description of who controls the county council is challenged by a Tory member of Rother District Council

Lost camera

A reader is anxious to know if her lost camera has been found.

Secret affairs

RDC is behaving like a South American junta over parking issues

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