Where’s my British food?

An olde worlde town but where is the traditional food asks one reader from Romney Marsh

Vote with our wheels

Jempsons and the parking charges - your opinions keep coming

When grass hid a hazard

The perils of walking your dog

No pavement for pedestrians

With reference to Tony Nunn's letter "Absence of road sense": I am afraid what he criticises as a pavement up Ferry Hill at  Winchelsea is...

Quietly making lives better

A reader shows her appreciation for Rye News' stories about local residents

Dogs and consequences

Dear Editor All of us love dogs, and many of us are lucky enough to have one. But walking on some of the paths around Rye...

Deadman’s damage

More damage in Deadmans Lane

Henry James’s favourite walk

Sewer work has destroyed the footpath that runs along the middle of the valley between Rye and Winchelsea. The route was the favourite walk of Henry James, writer and famous erstwhile occupant of Lamb House

Charity posters torn down

We are not happy! On checking lamp posts in Rye for the posters that we put up for the Fabulistics gig in our theatre,...

Over-pricing at Saturday market

Are market stalls taking advantage of their customers. One reader thinks so

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