Reach for the off switch

Have you noticed any lights on during the day? Almost certainly the owners will not be aware and will be grateful to be told,...

Room for improvement

The fact that the two big supermarkets are pulling out of the Ferry Road site is the perfect opportunity to put it back into...

Smart Parking? Or not so smart?

Yet another case of mismanagement by Smart Parking?

Where are the wardens?

Is parking on pavements ok ?

Rye taxi driver ‘disgraceful’

Bad service is not good for the reputation of the town, as this letter demonstrates

Hall replies to critics

Country and Western at Camber - a correction

Deadman’s damage

More damage in Deadmans Lane

Local groups ‘need a temp home’

Local groups, including the Quakers, may have nowhere to meet for a long time, once the redevelopment of Tilling Green Community Centre gets under way

Plebgate Part 3: Rebuttal

The plebgate saga continues. The Armoury's owner has his say

Bonfire poppies were a nice tribute

What is your take on Rye Bonfire's controversial effigy?

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