When the Kino opens . . .

The twin screen digital Kino cinema plans to open later this year in Lion Street behind the St Mary's Centre, and will add to Rye's attractions. A former cinema in Cinque Ports Street was bombed during world war two, killing the manager, and shops now occupy that site. John Izod draws his own unique comment on the opening.

Record coffee and cake

There were cups galore of latte, expresso and Americano all over Rye on Friday as various groups took part in the world's largest coffee party in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support writes Tony McLaughlin.

Learning from Sandwich

Rye Conservation Society travelled to fellow Cinque Port Sandwich to see what lessons might be learned, and heard how to cope with devastating floods. Kenneth Bird reports.

The healing power of music

Music can be a powerful aid in the recovery process and can support the sick through many different health problems. Continuing the series of Healthy Living events, Rye's two GP surgeries have got together to present a demonstration by a local group, The Music Well

On course for October

You might like gardening, or architecture, or you might prefer discussing today's burning issues. Whatever your preference, the autumn session of courses for adult learners in Rye is about to start. Andy Stuart has the details

Amber knows her artichokes

The community garden is raising its profile at local shows in the hunt for more volunteers who'll be needed now that the garden is open and an orchard of Sussex Heritage apple trees is arriving within weeks. There are jobs for everyone - you just need some stout shoes . . .

A quacking time had by all

The River Tillingham was blocked to all traffic bar ducks - plastic ones, that is - last Saturday, as the pre-school playgroup's annual duck race got underway, followed by a fun afternoon at the playgroup

Bus cuts confusion – yes, no, maybe

Rye’s Tory MP is unequivocal about opposing proposed bus cuts by the county council. And, as next year’s elections loom ever larger in minds, Charles Harkness attempts to unravel what will happen to Rye's 326 service – before county council consultations end on September 28

Summer ends so start hoarding

Now's the time for hunter-gatherers to finish foraging and pack the results into the freezer or into pots. Here are some low frill but deeply satisfying ways to get the most from what you've gathered

Sloe-ly does it to win

Making sloe gin is a slow process as the sloes need time to turn into a strong, tasty drink which is why Rye News is announcing a 2015 competition now to include liquor produced in 2014 and in previous years. Other home brews will feature in the competition - but first start slowly with the sloes.

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