Chef Aldo Zilli at Jempson’s

Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli is coming to Jempson’s Peasmarsh

Free Christmas parking

Make the most of the free-to-park shopping days Council makes festive gesture

Join the granny network

Share your creative ways to connect with your grandchildren

Changes in GP services

While a doctor is no longer based at Rye hospital for weekend cover, the extent of GP support is actually increased, with some now dedicated to home visits

Park for cyclists

Cycle parking has been approved by Rye council in the Cattle Market, due in part to £500 from Rother Environmental Group (writes Kenneth Bird). The money...

Don’t bin it, bring it

Why hang on to all that stuff cluttering up your home when you could find a grateful new home for it at St Mary's Centre, Rye

Mysteries at u3a

Unexplained mysteries may have some light thrown on them by Andy Thomas at the first Rye and District u3a's (University of the Third Age) at the meeting on Monday September 15 at Rye Community Centre at 2pm, and it is a mystery what mysteries he is going to talk about.

Remembrance service at hospital

A centenary service of remembrance at the hospital in Rye

Alcohol’s impact on us

Tackling a threat to our lives

Little Ankle Biters awards

Celebrating the best stuff for kids

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