The Beeb’s back with Rye

The BBC were back in town this week to record three short stories set in and around the area. Smallhythe Place hosted the recording and despite being disturbed by local noises - sheep, airplanes and extreme weather conditions - the highly professional team of writers, readers and production crew managed to entertain the live audience and produce much anticipated recordings to be broadcast on Radio 4 in July

Summer turns white

To the sound of thunder, a sudden late afternoon hailstorm this week sent people scurrying home, writes Kenneth Bird. Hailstones more than one centimetre...

Happy birthday – and thank you!

Our paper isn't a flash in the pan. We've survived our first year. Neither is it a one-man band. This paper is made possible by a host of volunteers. So yes there's a birthday to celebrate, but the real celebration is the generosity of people who produce 'Rye News' for absolutely nothing. Why not join the party and join our team . . .

Aiding, celebrating and selling

Saturday May 16 sees the end of Christian Aid Week, helping the poor to help themselves, and envelopes have been circulated in churches and...

Goal running at Queen’s Head

In the tenth of his Beer and Skittles series, David Russell illuminates the lost game of goal running, formerly played by Queens Head habituees

Queen visits Rye garden

A swarm of worker bees and their old queen had the good taste to visit Rye last week, settling on a rose bush in a local garden. Expert Cathy Pope was able to tempt the bees into a special container and has taken them to a new home where they will be able to make honey while the sun shines. Andrew Bamji reports

Swap and recycle in one go

This year's second recycle swap shop will be held this time at the St Mary's Centre in Rye on Saturday May 23. Pop along to pick up a bargain

Dementia group launches in Rye

Rye and District Dementia Action Alliance are ready to launch at the end of May during national dementia awareness week. The group set up towards the end of last year is now signing up businesses and charities. Read Daliea Redman's report here

Learn to save a life

Would you like to learn skills that could save a life? writes Carl Fraser. Rother Responders are providing free training in Winchelsea on May 21 from...

Another Winchelsea secret

Like many things in Winchelsea, the resurrected post office seems to be a secret. After a chequered history in recent times, the post office re-opens two days a week - but who knows ? And would it be better off in the pub ? Richard Comotto reports.

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