Museum visit to historic houses

An enjoyable and informative trip by members of the Museum

Bike community helps out

A very useful response from a biker courier community who deliver and pick up what is needed across England

And a new season starts

Visitors arrive from two Richmonds - separated by an ocean - as Lamb House re-opens, and there is much, much more around for visitors as the season starts

Stop monkeying around

Do answers come naturally to you?

Flower and Veg Show update

Keeping busy in the garden

Update on the big fire

Will the 13th be lucky?

Peacocks in Rye

Rye welcomes unusual visitors

The “upcycled” galleon

The arts department team at ARRCC decided to help one of their members to build a model galleon using materials to hand plus a boat-load of ingenuity

Fish and chips with RNLI

Fancy some fish and chips on Tuesday? Then pop down to Rye Harbour and support the RNLI

Sew inviting!

The refurbished Merchant & Mills' drapers shop has reopened, and it's stunning.

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