Absolutely lambtastic!

Forget veganism, nothing beats fresh local lamb

Camber doodles: Dante learns to share

More adventures of the doodles of Camber

What’s in a name?

A walk into the intriguing past

Rescued swift heads for Africa

The miracle of migration

The Camberdoodles

The first episode of a story for younger readers

Drag hunt meets at the Mermaid

A colourful scene at the Mermaid as the drag hunt held its traditional meet

Not a bad general really

Old soldiers never die, they say

Where waste is not wasted

Continuing pressure on waste collectors to recycle as much as possible can mean changes to when and how bins (or sacks) are collected. Also Rother Council have just introduced more changes from June 1. But what happens to the waste collected from our black bins which can not be recycled? Anthony Kimber reports from one site where waste turns into power for our homes

RIP Clifford Jordan

Clifford Jordan: a man for all reasons

Waterworks micropub is here

A new hostelry has opened - and it is a bit different

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