Delivering at work and for the RNLI

Portrait of an RNLI crew member

New hands serve tea at ‘Cobbles’

The Cobbles Tea Room has new owners but it is cream teas as usual at this ever-popular institution

Ethel’s prime relocation

The relocation of this gallery and gift shop to the High Street is already making a difference

Old warships never die . . .

A nautical landmark for the past few years is shortly to disappear to start a new life, at sea helping others

Missing person – can you help?

A small poster in a corner of the High Street reveals a mystery

Doodles go to the woods

Dante makes an unusual friend

Bookshop rumour confirmed

Waterstones’ Publisher Liaison Manager Eva von Reuss told Rye News that the company will indeed be opening a bookshop in Rye on July 4...

For sale – only £4.5 million

For sale. Six beds. Space for nanny and staff. A snip at only £4.5m. Set yourself up as squire of Winchelsea by buying the Ancient Town's "big 'ouse". Richard Comotto reports

Camber doodles: Dante learns to share

More adventures of the doodles of Camber

Remembering the Mary Stanford

A talk at Rye Museum looked at the Mary Stanford disaster from a different perspective

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