Doodles have a quiet day

The doodles stay at home.

Friends of St Mary’s tidy up

Much work has been done by Friends of St Marys around the church

Bin it? No way!

Why throw away useful items when they can be repaired?

Scallops gallop into town

It's time for seafood and shanties

What’s new in Community Garden

This garden always welcomes new volunteers

Swap your unwanted items

Empty your loft, bring your clutter to the swap shop

Doodles in London

The doodles have an away day

Posts are getting a lean time

Vehicle damage to safety posts is becoming widespread

Bookshop rumour confirmed

Waterstones’ Publisher Liaison Manager Eva von Reuss told Rye News that the company will indeed be opening a bookshop in Rye on July 4...

Andy Dinsdale and Strandliners

The story behind the founder of Strandliners

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