Michael’s long walk home

A local man has written about his experiences under the Nazis, enduring terrible hardships as a Prisoner of War, but surviving the "long walk" in below freezing conditions with little food and making it home to marry his sweetheart

A silent town in images

History was made in 2020

Fascinating architecture

Why and how were the old buildings of Rye and Winchelsea built in the way they were? The Winchelsea Archaeological Society finds out.

Historian packs Waterworks

Waterworks hosts an interesting presentation from a local historian.

Think outside the box

Keep your dog occupied

Studio students fly high

Rye Studio School students visit New York to study art, drama and retail skills; learn about every aspect of opera including costume design as a follow-up to the Rye Arts Festival; and acquire work placement experience in order to focus both on academic exams and future job opportunities

Sunshine saves gardens day

By Richard Comotto The first open gardens day of the year in Winchelsea on Saturday April 26 started with a downpour in the morning that...

Art comes to church’s aid

An exhibition of exceptionally high standard took place over the weekend in Iden parish’s diminutive, but beautifully refurbished Old Hall next to the Church....

Visit Dungeness Nature Reserve

Our other local nature reserve at Dungeness is well worth a visit

Miss England Needs You!

You thought Miss World was a thing of the past? Then go to Camber in June

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