Celebrating a 200-year birthday

Birthday celebrations at Concepts in Rye, after all a building which is 200 years old is worth celebrating.

Fair makes a difference

Monte Carlo madness

It’s that old devil called Dev again

The empty Ambrette restaurant premises now have a new tenant - and its a new venture from the old proprietor

Festival plans revealed

Preparations are well under way for this year's Christmas festival

Come into the garden all

The Community Garden is planning a Great Get Together in June - but also needs help for its regular work sessions next week

It is nearly scallop time again

Get rid of the winter blues, the Rye Bay Scallop Week starts soon with plenty of ways to bring food and music to lighten the spirits

Fixtures returns on paper

When events are still few

Marking the long route

Long way or take short cut?

Farming and flowers on Sunday

As part of "Open Farm Sunday" nationwide, Little Gate Farm at Beckley is having a family fun day with a chance to meet the...

No bad apples in this bunch!

Crawley Beauties, Knobby Russets and Sussex Mothers will be planted on Saturday October 18 between 9am and 12 noon at the Rye community garden's orchard, when you can also learn how to build a B&B for bees, writes Pip Al-Khafaji

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