Rye puts on Easter bonnet

The Easter holiday filled the town with visitors to experience spirituality, culture and pleasure as the new season gets under way

Lawfully married

Rye News socialite Heidi Foster attends the local celebrity wedding of the year, so far

Southern to be quizzed

Next week, on June 15, Southern Railways will be meeting with stakeholders, including MLAG and other local pressure groups to discuss the current state...

Traction-Avant comes to the Quay

Strand Quay became as French as Maigret for a few hours on Saturday

Scout Centre declared open

The 1st Rye Scouts aka Captain Cory’s Own held a grand opening ceremony of the new Scouts Centre

Rother sells off more assets

The process of asset disposals by Rother District Council continues, but now there appears to be much more local consultation

Heritage Centre presents report

The heritage Centre presented its report at this week's meeting of the RTC Policy Committee

Ram Raiders strike again

Jempson's store in Northiam has been ram-raided

The town hall shuts down

A rare council meeting in the Buttermarket

Tale of the missing bin

Only a missing bin? Not quite so simple

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