Walking and cycling around Rye

A call for local authorities to work together and replicate the proposed pedestrian friendly Rock Channel development

New building ‘simply hideous’

Have you seen that ghastly new building in Cinque Ports Street? Now they have uncovered it, it looks simply hideous, quite out of keeping....

What is a ‘Ryer’?

What is the accurate definition of a "Ryer"? Can anyone help?

A risky time for all

Some threats are temporary, others more permanent

The joys of being online

Being an online newspaper has its good points. One is automatic alerts telling you what's in this week's issue. Another is the ability to "answer back" - and readers are doing so

Spare a tin for Christmas

The original Christmas story was one of poverty and generosity and with some of our community dealing with financial hardship, Canon David Frost of St Mary's, Rye, suggests one way to help our neighbours

Just who is in charge?

Will the real chief constable please stand up

Searching for hero

A fire victim is looking to thank the person who saved her

Incompetence of Southern Rail

Let's pressurise the train providers to put their heads together

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