Attack of the drones?

Something's overhead - but should it be there? And whose is it?

Barclays Bank closes

Barclays Bank in the High Street closes its doors for the last time

Rother strikes again

Yet again Rother District Council demonstrate that they appear to regard Rye as a milch cow from whom money can be extracted but to whom only the minimal of service need be given. The cricket club are the latest to suffer, this time due to the inefficiencies of the Building Control Department

Use it or lose it

Finding new ways of working

No jewel in The Crown

Has anyone thought of asking Netflix for a financial contribution?

First, walk. Only then try to run

Grand talk at the rail summit. But is there any point?

Changing the tune

Can Tilling cope with demand?

Another blow to Landgate’s body

Landgate, oh Landgate, watch us with pity when we creep through your concussed arch, pursued by guilt and regret as we manage to leave an even worse world to our grandchildren than the world we inherited from war and holocaust

Extinction Rebellion – what next?

Can governments be forced to change the environment?

Lost camera

A reader is anxious to know if her lost camera has been found.

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