To charge or not to charge

After all the recent trading of insults from both sides, John Minter takes a considered look at the new parking charges at Jempsons. The business clearly has questions to answer, what are your views?

Speeding bikers, I won my bet

Evasive action speaks louder than words

Thinking over the rainbow

To an outsider the Town Council could appear to be more concerned with costumes and correct procedures than actual governance and power...... Former councillor Mike Eve reflects.

BT ‘holding us to ransom’

Who is this good looking chap? Well, he is the chief executive of BT and he gets both barrels from a Rye resident absolutely fed up with the 'lousy service' from BT and all the 'weak excuses' for delays in installing broadband

Is community care an answer ?

Placing the Conquest Hospital in special measures may hasten plans for devolving key care services into the community, perhaps to Rye's hospital (shown above) bringing benefits to local residents. Some of the Conquest's problems are common across the Health Service. So is local "hospital bashing" the way to tackle national problems like growing demand, an ageing population, staff shortages and council care cuts?

What our council must do now

The last time Rye's Town Council set out to co-opt a councillor, it was because of a row over whether the flag (in the photo above) should fly at half mast after former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher died. Former town councillor Mary Smith comments on how the co-option process should be as public as possible, and on what else the council can and must do. Local government is an expensive mess and poor old Rye, with its decaying infrastructure, bumps along at the bottom of this mess, she says. Major change may not come soon, but there are things the council can do now.

Camber hits headlines

National press spotlights dirty chalets

Don’t fence me out

Mystery fence endangers walkers

Landgate, OK so far, now what?

Plans have been promised for the Landgate, but will they materialise?

‘An accident waiting to happen’

The new cycleway in Harbour Road is now complete, and the opening was rightfully celebrated after such a long wait. But how safe is the road for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians? The latest section of cycleway is on an abrupt bend at the end of a long, unlit road which has seen a recent accident caused by high speed - and which leads on to a narrow bridge. Was it safer with traffic lights while the cycleway was being built ? Views vary

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