Europe’s open, we’re shut

The Heritage Open Day weekend allows free access to buildings that are usually closed to the public or for which there is an admission fee. But buildings in Rye are missing from this Europe-wide list which ranges from government buildings in Whitehall normally kept firmly under lock and to residential houses of architectural interest. Seana Lanigan reports.

BT is a nuisance too!

Why do telecom companies allow their customers to be targeted with voice messages that appear to be some sort of scam, asks Kenneth Bird.

Free will mean free

Jempson's say they have solved a reader's parking problem

Unresolved issues for 2017

The editor looks at a few issues facing the Town Council and others in the coming year

High Street retail closures

Rye has lost its status as a market town, but is establishing its reputation for festivals

Lessons to be learnt

There are lessons to learn from the disaster that has struck The George.

Faiths against the arms trade

Protests against the recent Arms Fair. The Nationals won't report it, so Rye News has!

Promises, gestures and questions

Is government making false assumptions?

Can you help?

Lost a white van anyone?

How was your lockdown?

What have we learned about ourselves?

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