Bexhill – ‘You do not exist’

Should our Landgate be a political bellwether and survive or fall at the behest of political dogma. One article this weeks seems to thinks so. Here John Minter takes a different view

Residents asked to revolt

Hazel Clark warns of an intrusive new development at Winchelsea Beach

New building ‘simply hideous’

Have you seen that ghastly new building in Cinque Ports Street? Now they have uncovered it, it looks simply hideous, quite out of keeping....

True story of a pothole

How to get a pothole fixed - apparently

Is it boring to plan?

Plan for planning, the devil is in the detail

Rother’s double dealing?

Rother are at it again, disposing of Rye's assets that they acquired free - and what are our RDC councillors doing about it?

Pavement overgrown? Use the road

A pensioner takes on the traffic

Udimore Road garage proposal back

Readers write in to protest about the new filling station proposal

A green elephant in the room

Talk about the elephant in the room. Have you noticed it during the election campaign? Sitting there in the corner with a rather puzzled look on its face. The elephant is the subject of environmental policies and it seems to have been ignored, even by the Green Party

Looking back

So who read what, this last year?

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