Road raging in Winchelsea

Residents of Winchelsea lament the increasing frequency of road rage incidents in the village. There is concern that one of these bad-tempered stand-offs might get out of hand - but is there a solution?

Rye faces summer drought threat

A drought is threatened, should we start conserving water

Rye College and Aquinas

Should Rye College allow itself to be merged with the Aquinas Academy Trust? One reader has her doubts

Care home plan flawed?

Is the proposed care home at the top of the hill the right place to build it?

Do we need a safety rail?

What are the outstanding differences between Southern and RMT. Stuart Harland sums up

Unforgettable St Anthony’s

Saturday, 12 September, was an unforgettable day for me because it was on this particular day that our guild, The Guild of St Anthony...

Questions we should be asking?

Car parking charges, police cuts - your comments keep coming in. But are there more questions Rye News should be asking? Tell us today

A tale of two Cinque Ports

Why a bookshop closed in one town, and another opened here - and seems to be working well.

Planning “blight” – the reply

Planning "blight" was being caused by short term leases along the river bank and the need for better flood defences, a recent Opinion in Rye News claimed. The Environment Agency replies

Accident has happened

The recent completion and opening of the cycleway along Harbour Road led to comments on the dangers to motorists - and a reader has taken the matter up with East Sussex County Council... quoting the government's own manual!

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