Can the end justify the means?

How must Brexit get done?

Should we get in the (car) club?

A car club could help reduce Rye's parking problems, at the same time providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for drivers, suggests Christopher Strangeways

What is ESCC’s ‘core offer’?

The government's austerity programme is far from over, with ESCC's services likely to be cut further in 2019

Should jazz take over the roads?

Road closures inevitably cause inconvenience. Should their use should be restricted to charitably-organised events for the benefit of the whole community ?

Getting their act together

The lifeguards have appeared at Camber - but where should they be, and when?

Tradition or trumpery?

Trump·er·y (trŭm′pə-rē) n. pl. trump·er·ies 1. Showy but worthless finery; bric-a-brac. 2. Nonsense; rubbish. 3. Deception; trickery; fraud.

Our trains – this is progress?

Southern have brought trouble upon themselves - but not everything is their fault.

Thank you

Rye News helps charities in fund-raising

Bikers! Think pushchairs

For too long now I have watched some of the bikers on a Sunday at Strand Quay behaving totally irresponsibly. I feel that this...

Long stay car park

More thoughts on the parking problem

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