Let’s go to the movies!

What do you do when your local pub closes down and you want to save it? Write a book of course, but not any old book

Marshlink rail misery

Commuters suffered yet more frustrating delays on the Marshlink last week, writes Richard Comotto. Problems came to a head on Thursday when every other service between...

Quiz answers and ratings . . .

The answers to the quiz are: Rye Baptist Church opened in 1910 Adams of Rye have been printers since 1853 Rye Golf Club was formed in 1894 John Wesley...

Seven bones of contention

There are seven major issues that concern neighbouring residents about the development on Cinque Ports Street and they have been sent to members of the Rother District Council Planning Committee

Farewell spin for Jumbo

Jumbo the bus - so called because of his V747 JPU number plate - made his last outing for Rye Community Transport ferrying visitors to...

Let’s go to the movies!

This week's featured film showing at the Rye Kino is 'A Royal Night Out' (pictured) It's VE Day, 1945, people are celebrating the end of the war. Two teenage princesses, Margaret and the future Queen of England, Elizabeth are allowed out that night to join the party. For the first time they are able to mingle with the teeming crowds, incognito... Follow link for details and previews of this and other movies showing in Rye

Goodbye Budgens

By Tony McLaughlin The Budgens store on Station Approach in Rye is now fully owned by local grocers Jempson's. The company says that having 100%...

Gas leak at Rope Walk rail crossing

The northbound carriageway into Grove Road was closed last week following reports of a gas leak

Panic not, I’ll sort xmas for you

I've wobbled forth into town for the first time since baby. An sense of impending doom is eased by reflections on rollerskates - I love'em - and gentrified gingerbread men

Chamber music back in Peasmarsh

The sun shone, the musicians played, and it was very much an international occasion with artistes from more than half a dozen countries. Alexander Stiller reports on Peasmarsh's Chamber Music Festival.

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