Magpie’s funky new nest

The first of many pop-up galleries - which has added colourful abstract works to a treasure trove of an interiors store in Rye - is currently packing in the visitors. Catch it before it closes on July 28

All for love of a good story

Celebrating the life of EF Benson is a rewarding experience. There are healthy walks about Rye, food, and even more food. Plus a good read. And nibbles

Comrades in arms and song

Two local acting groups join forces to commemorate the beginning of the First World War - and to celebrate its end - with a rousing chorus of musical hits from stars of the period. The final two shows are on Saturday July 19

Cool cocktail of jazz

With an atmosphere and a line-up to challenge any New York nightclub - featuring jazz, blues, soul, funk, swing, Latin - the third Rye International Jazz & Blues Festival is coming back to town for four days and five nights in August

Arts festival lifts the curtain

This year’s Rye Arts Festival’s full programme of over 60 events is being announced on July 13. And the free and paid-for events will feature classical and contemporary music, literary talks, theatre, comedy, dance, walks, exhibitions, and events for the kids and much more!

Gala dazzles St Mary’s

The award-winning Aurora Orchestra performed in St Marys, Rye as the grand showpiece of the Peasmarsh Chamber Music Festival

Citadel driven to distraction

Rye's Citadel is having more than its 15-minutes of fame. BBC cameras, the luvvies and the extras are milling round. They've taken over the top of the town. For some, the temptation is to spend the day watching - from a bedroom vantage point- as in the case of our Editor. See his feature As scene from my window. Another of our writers Andrew Bamji has been spying on Mapp on the Culture page while Tim Redfern has been talking to the producers.

Prepare to be astonished

A repeat performance: Taek Gi Lee, victor at the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition, will give the winner's recital at Fairlight Hall this weekend

Listing Rye’s war memorial

An architect who designed many buildings in and around Rye also created the model for war memorials constructed throughout the country. It is fitting that the town seeks to have its own memorial in St Mary's churchyard listed

Rye stars in television jewel

Tim Redfern meets BBC producers Susie Liggat and Lisa Osborne on the Mapp and Lucia set at Lamb House to discuss the production and filming on location in Rye

Mapp and Lucia eyed by a local

Filming is all very well but what do the neighbours think?

Following in Fred’s footsteps

A delightful afternoon was spent retracing the steps of one of the town's most creative writers, whose impact on Rye is as strong and valued as ever

Whatever next?

Local cartoonist John Izod's take on the latest events in town. After the Monuments Men and Mapp & Lucia film shoots, anything can happen in Rye

Booze for free!

Tim Redfern reviews Andy Hamilton's foraging book "Booze for Free" and he can't wait to start sampling one or two of Andy's many recipes

Mapp & Lucia hit town

Spotting Mapp and Lucia: the BBC are in Rye for two months filming an adaptation of former Rye mayor EF Benson's series of comic novels. Tim Redfern will be commenting on the production itself and Charlie Harkness will observe how filming affects the town

Time restored at St Mary’s

The renovation of St Mary's church clock has revealed interesting historical details, united two towns and created a photographer's delight

Top comic heads festival

Popular TV comedian Milton Jones will be appearing on Sunday June 22 at Northiam's first summer festival

Please don’t feed the gulls

Odes to the curse of low-flying bombers and those tortuous nocturnal chimes that keep the citadel's light sleepers awake and counting the quarters

Brilliant: five playing as one

The Wihan String Quartet and pianist Martin Kasik made another memorable impression with their evening of Mozart, Schumann and Ravel in Iden church

Filmgoers wear a different hat

More films for less money is one of the benefits that springs from the "closure" of the Rye Film Club. The closure is in name only. There will be more foreign films, too