Topical choice for book club

A long journey seeking work is a topical choice for a book club

Winchelsea opens its cellars

Fancy seeing what's under Winchelsea? Tours of the village's extraordinary 50+ medieval cellars restart on Easter Monday

Shakespeare was here

Shakespeare was here - and the BBC has been here filming local actors to commemorate the Bard's 400th anniversary. Watch it on TV shortly

Celebrating Henry James

A special performance of words and music will commemorate the centenary of Henry James’ death at Lamb House

Foreboding skies in paint

Sarah Seymour's new exhibition, Storm Clouds, is coming to the Rye Creative Centre

Lets go to the movies!

This week's featured movie showing at Rye Kino - Hail, Caesar! - an all-star comedy set during the latter years of Hollywood's Golden Age following a single day in the life of a studio fixer who is presented with plenty of problems to fix

Just Ten is what it says

A fine art photography gallery has been refurbished - with ten in mind

Rye Bay Crew raise roof

Opera, musicals, Cole Porter - Rye Bay Crew can deliver it all beautifully - raising the roof, and funds

Visual Harmony for Easter

Two Rye artists feature their in an Easter show

Gallery shows art and soul

High standards are to be expected from the new show from the Rye Society of Artists

John Piper – a talented artist

John Piper - a well known artist who has lived in the Rye area - features at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings

Whistling up bird music

Not all of our feathered friends are known for their songs - but some are, and have inspired music. Kenneth Bird reports

Historic tales of Camber

Camber - popular with film crews, kiteflyers, daytrippers and wedding parties - also has a history - as will be shortly revealed

Still time for pantomime

See "Cinderella" this weekend - It promises to be Iden Players' best show yet

Watch out. Green men about

Green Men with foliage pouring out of their mouths can be found in medieval churches - but why ?

Costumes, eggs and a romp

Historic costumes, an Easter Egg hunt, and celebrating Shakespeare's anniversary - all at a site nearby an important historic shipbuilding centre

Finalists favour Prokofiev

After more then a week of scintillating music making, the 12th Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition reached a triumphant climax

Wardrobe opens to a new world

Local children illustrated a new world last weekend, to celebrate World Book Day

Lets go to the movies!

This week's featured film showing at Rye Kino - Secret in their Eyes - a tight-knit team of investigators - Jess, Ray and their supervisor Clare - is torn apart when they discover that Jess's teenage daughter has been brutally murdered, but one is prepared, however, for the shocking, unspeakable secret that will be revealed...

Polo’s sentimental journey

A gem of classical, emotional and creative music in Hastings - don't miss it