Ukulele Experiment with scallops

Another music even at the Queens Head saw the Rye Ukulele Experiment and other bands performing for their scallops

Gallery’s new space for art

An art gallery acquires a new look - literally - while planning future exhibitions

Runner misses starting gate

Runners can miss the starting gate for lots of reasons - but this one is unusual. However the race track's loss was a band's gain - and staying home at the Kino may be a better bet next time

Drawing Room fills with music

Music returns to Northiam with a solo cello recital

Painted parodies of art

Art becomes ironic fun for some - but others may think it a travesty. Heidi Foster reports

Music gets crowded out

Sometimes success can be a problem - particularly if you need space.

Library’s free book for kids

How can your children get a new free book - from the library

Lets go to the movies!

Coming up at the Rye Community Film Club next Friday March 4, the enchanting French film – La Famille Bellier - a normal couple, with two children and a small farm, differ from the norm in one major aspect…they, and their son Quentin, are all deaf. They rely on their daughter Paula to be their ears and voice but . . . .

Club’s use it or lose it choice

Use it or lose it - the choice is up on the screen

The Great Bratby – revealed

A new exhibition shows off the life and times of John Bratby, an incredibly prolific painter whose subjects included the good, the bad and the ugly

Beer makes welcome return

The talented and popular Phil Beer appearing locally at the end of the month

Lets go to the movies!

This weeks featured featured showing at the Rye Kino is Tumbo - Dalton Trumbo was Hollywood's top screenwriter, until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs . . .

World’s best pianists compete

International music talent arrives on our doorstep with this year's piano competition which starts next week

Valentine songs of love

Love was definitely in the air at this Valentine's Day concert

The Crush is on at RCC

An intriguing exhibition features at a Rye gallery

Mermaid’s ghosts show up

Weird and ghostly goings on at the Mermaid - just another night in the ancient hotel? No, this time the spooks have been deliberately arranged and you can enjoy supper at the same time

Ukuleles rock with Brillos

Jazz Rock Ukuleles come to town

Celebrations for Ryesingers

Anniversary time for the Ryesingers in their next concert

Old rural days brought to life

An early form of tooth extraction? An apple baking apparatus? A mystery was revealed at the Museum

New direction for Arts Festival?

Tension was in the air as members arrived at Rye Community Centre for the Rye Arts Festival AGM