Bonzo fans get sated

Festivals need moments of total madness - as you can see

Cabaret queen raises roof

Gales of laughter shook the Arts Festival's Lamb House marquee as Tim Redfern's hilarious cabaret evening provided a light hearted end to the festival, of which it was (apparently) not officially part

A trio of masterpieces

The Odysseus Trio are setting out on a musical journey. Alexander Stiller reviews their Arts Festival concert in All Saints Church in Iden.

An EF Benson you might not know

The story of EF Benson's astonishing family and the network of major English novelists living in Rye between the wars, sets the scene for a trilogy of sequels to Benson's Mapp and Lucia books. Gillian Roder reports on one of the Arts Festival's final events.

Let’s go to the movies!

This weeks featured film showing at Rye Community Centre Film on Friday 02 October - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - This second helping of the Exotic Marigold Hotel saga is a joyful romp with a host of National Treasures of stage and screen on view. For trailer to this and other movies showing in Rye please follow the link..

Great architect hides in shadows

Christopher Wren's "builder" was much more than that, reports Kenneth Bird from an Arts Festival talk.

Sixty years ago – an icon

Sixty years ago this week James Dean became the governing image of a restless, rootless generation, the subsequent release of his films only enhancing his stature as rebel king. Like Che Guevara twelve years later, his face was suddenly pinned to all our walls

Dancing towards Christmas

Rye Dance School performed in the Arts Festival excerpts from coming performances including their pantomime. Watch the slideshow

Joyous conclusion to pianofest

St Mary's had a busy first week in the Arts Festival with pianos being trundled in and out until the grand finale with a piano duet which left the audience with a definite "feel good" factor. Alexander Stiller reviews the concert

New Road Artists open studios

The Rye Arts Festival has included a number of exhibitions - one of which was across "the bridge" and along New Road, and not to be missed as artists talked about their work

Hilarious Hamlet, a new classic

Pocket Oxford almost brought the Lamb House marquee down with their hilarious version of Hamlet, for children of all ages. Move aside Benedict Cumberbatch, your Barbican performance has been eclipsed

Let’s go to the movies!

This week's featured movie showing at Rye Kino is 'Everest' inspired by the incredible events surrounding an attempt to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain. Everest documents the awe-inspiring journey of two different expeditions challenged beyond their limits by one of the fiercest snowstorms ever encountered by mankind. Read on for trailers to this and other movies showing in Rye

Downton Abbey as it really was

"Downton Abbey" and its predecessor "Upstairs Downstairs", may give TV versions of life in stately homes, but was it really like that ? An author has been exploring the facts, rather than the fiction

Mud, mud, glorious mud

"Mud, mud, glorious mud" seems an unlikely finale for an Arts Festival music event - but when you stage a special evening based on the wit and wisdom of some of Britain's greatest musical humorists what can you expect ?

Two very different pianists

Two very different young pianists featured on the same day at St Mary's with Maya Irgalina at lunchtime delivering an all Chopin programme and Alexander Panfilov powering away in the evening with Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an exhibition". Alexander Stiller compares two very different programmes and two very different pianists

Mapp’s “murderer” closes event

Rye's Arts Festival closes this weekend with the man who has allegedly killed off EF Benson's heroines Mapp and Lucia and another whose home was Rye and was a collaborator of Shakespeare's. Andy Stuart provides the details

Witch anticipates Hallowe’en

Rye Bookshop on the High Street will welcome author Jan Ziff on Saturday October 17, who will host a story telling, reading and colouring-in...

Adams family opens house

Local artist Richard Adams threw open his home in Playden over last weekend, showing off a selection of new paintings and prints. Richard’s main studio...

More RAF news, reviews and photos

As the Rye Arts Festival gets close to its final weekend, our gossip column picks up bits and pieces which may have passed you by - such as the Kings on the fringe, a flying visit from the Irish and some historic "blowers", and a director chatting his way through his film. But it will all be over soon, and some of the organisers will be taking a swift holiday

War started, they changed

Rye Art Gallery sponsored the Arts Festival talk "A Crisis of Brilliance" about a book describing the influence on five famous artists (including Paul Nash who lived locally) of friendships made young and of their tempestuous artistic and personal lives afterwards