Local audience lucky in love

Acting Up's latest production of opera highlights delighted and moved the audience. An eclectic selection of music showcased the talents of the singers and made for an entertaining and memorable evening

Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead to the films in Rye. Our movie of the week, pictured above, Kino Rye's romantic Valentine's special: "Brief Encounter". Take your tissues. Neale East reports

Royal approval for historic craft

Should Tunbridgeware be renamed Ryeware? The fascinating story of these collectable pieces was revealed recently at Rye Museum

Growing up in Romney Marsh

Monica Edwards, the award-winning children's author, spent much of her childhood at Rye Harbour and loved this area. A series of her books are set among the local community, with exciting adventures based on real events and people. Here is a small selection

Mozart and more at St Mary’s

Outstanding violinist Nuri Koseoglu, mezzo Rebekah Gilbert and the wonderful pianist Helen Ridout will be performing a selection of music by Mozart, Schubert, Kriesler...

More to a book than a good story

You can't put a value on a good story - but do people think about the worth of the book as an object? They should, says Tony Mulholland, and the same goes for many paper items. He gives advice on how to start collecting

Arts festival pulls profit out of hat

A magician was the warm up act, but the financial reports were even more cheering. Despite major investments in a new website, branding and an online booking system, the 2014 festival turned in a profit. This year's programme, which starts on Friday September 11, promises more of the same successful crowd pleasers

Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead to the films showing in Rye. Our movie of the week is "Kingsman: The Secret Service" at Rye Kino from February 6. See what's on, where and when and watch the trailers. Neale East reports . . .

Made in Rye and fit for a queen

Mosaic ware, a version of Tunbridge ware, was once one of Rye's most notable products and much sought after. In the first talk of the year at Rye Museum, Viv Challens talks about her grandfather and his artistic contribution to the town

Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead to the films in Rye - at the Kino and our local film club. Our movie of the week, pictured above: "A most wanted man" at the film club on Conduit Hill. Inside, click on a movie title to see a trailer. Neale East reports . . .

Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead to the films in Rye - at the Kino and our local film club. Our movie of the week: The Theory of Everything, pictured above. Inside, click on a movie title to see a trailer

Fresh scallops and old sea shanties

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? Toast him with scallops, fine beverages and rousing sea shanties at the Queens Head. Rye Scallop Festival opens in style

TV show leads to web traffic surge

The "Mapp and Lucia" TV series has led to a huge increase in hits on the website of the Friends of Tilling, the society that celebrates EF Benson and his characters in an annual gathering in Rye

Sally sets the record straight

Sally Pattinson, local resident, former business owner and fighter against bureaucracy has published "Brace Yourselves Boys", an account of her five-year battle with East Sussex County Council (ESCC). A simple dispute about putting up a sign resulted in a modern day David and Goliath confrontation. Tony McLaughlin discussed it with her

Screen stealer: the Kino opens

It's here: Kino cinema opens on Friday January 16. Rye News sneaked a look and found two stylish film theatres with all the trimmings and a relaxing bar/restaurant. In the first week there'll be five movie choices, including the 2014 Cannes Palme d’Or winner "Winter Sleep"

Ye Winchylsee Mummers sound off

The Winchelsea Bonfire Boys in disguise as Ye Winchelsea Mummers scale the theatrical heights - and plumb satirical depths to the delight of their audience. Good enough and popular enough to become a new Winchelsea tradition? Peter Mackenzie Smith casts a critical eye on the unfolding drama

Requiem Mass for King Louis XVI

A Requiem Mass for King Louis XVI of France and Queen Mary Antoinette will be celebrated at St Mary's Rye on January 21- probably the first such Mass to be held there since the Reformation

Follow in Miss Mapp’s footsteps

Discover the houses and haunts of Mapp and Lucia and of EF Benson, their creator. A guided tour with the secretary of the Benson Society takes in many places of interest, including the houses used in the recent BBC series

Superb: let’s have a return visit

Could there be another series of "Mapp and Lucia" in the offing? Several national TV critics acclaimed the recent BBC production set in Rye, so here's hoping . . .

Tilling ladies, please continue

The scenery was wonderful, the photography lush and the town definitely one of the stars of the production. But, in the recent BBC series, were Mapp and Lucia true to the rivals in EF Benson's books? What did the secretary of the Benson Society make of it all . . .