Robinson Crusoe marooned in St Leonards


A series of artistic and cultural events are taking place in Hastings in April themed around the book Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, which was published 300 years ago. This is the third time that St Leonards has taken on a book and devised myriad fascinating and thought-provoking experiences around it. The first year of “A Town Explores a Book” featured Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and the second Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Responses to Robinson Crusoe can be seen not only in the traditional arts venues of St Leonards on Sea, but also elsewhere including cafes along with themed menus, bookshops with daily readings, all along the Kings Road and talks at the Kino Teatr. Shop window displays can be found along Kings Road, Norman Road and Tower Road West.

I attended a fascinating “show” (its hard to find the right word) called The House of Crusoe at Explore the Arch, a home which has been converted into five extraordinary sets. Each performer selected one part of the house in which to stage an intimate interpretation of the story. Bernard McGuigan’s sculptures featured in each area and were a perfect and relevant accompaniment.  New dates have been added due to high demand.

The show runs until April 25 and different performers appear on different nights.

Yumino Seki  April 21-22, 5pm
Oliver Cherer April 23, 8pm
Vladimir Miller April 24, 5pm and 8pm
Bev Lee Harling April 29, 8pm
Tickets are £14,. People under 19 years old can attend free but must book in advance.

For more information about other free and paid for events, visit the website.

Image Credits: Explore the Arch .

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  1. This is a wonderful theatrical experience. Hat’s off to McGuigan’s sculptures and to the ingenuity and imagination if the Explore the Arch team!


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