Hope Anchor missing mystery

The Hope Anchor looks out over the marshes to the sea

Dear Sir

Does anyone have any information regarding the missing “&” [called an “ampersand” in dictionaries] in the Hope Anchor hotel.

The Hope AND Anchor poster

I have always wondered if the “&” had been dropped deliberately and in the recent Rye News article on ship building in Rye there is a notification advertising a cricket match to be played on Monday, July 16 1849 on Rye Salts.

If you look closely the notice stated near the bottom that a good supper will be provided at the HOPE & ANCHOR after the match.


Michael Bowers

[Editor’s note: No doubt Rye’s Museum may well know the answer and will let Michael and all our readers know].

Image Credits: John Minter , H P Clark of Rye. .


  1. As far as I’m aware the & was erroneously added for a while. The true name is the Hope Anchor – a nautical term relating literally to an anchor to be dropped in the event of the main anchor failing ? The alternative explanation is that it was named after a Chinese chef who having become stranded in Rye after his ship was sunk off the coast of Winchelsea, set up a stall at the end of Watchbell Street selling his speciality dish of pancakes flavoured with oriental spices. His English was not good and he, Mr Ho, would advertise his wares by calling out “ Ho Pankor – Ho Pankor “


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