Who decides street names?

Look up and you will see this plaque on Wish Street

Dear Editor

I am hoping this might be a ‘runner’.

Street names of Rye. Many of these are self-explanatory. However I would be grateful if readers could tell me the origins of other streets. I cite by way of example – Marley Road, Cooper Road, Ferring Close and Henley Close.

Who decides on the names of roads? If there is a new development why not get residents of Rye to put forward name of people who have made a significant contribution to Rye.

David Barling Gasson

[Editor’s note : This certainly seemed to happen in the last big development in Rye – Valley Park – as I live in Benson Way which leads to Vidler Square and the other street names are all very familiar]

Image Credits: Nick Forman .



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