99 years and celebrating

Jack Parker and the RNLI volunteer crew celebrating together

Jack David Parker was born in Redhill in April 1923 and has lived his life giving to others. His philosophy owes much to Henry Ford: “To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.”

Jack spent five years in the navy and then for the next forty-five he was a butcher in Redhill, Surrey. He and his wife worked throughout their lives for local and national charities. He was a familiar and popular character, working in Save the Children’s charity shop in Reigate. His voice was well-known on Radio Redhill for the whole of that time, playing hospital requests, announcing fêtes and plugging functions. He worked as DJ in numerous day-centres and was always a ray of sunshine to all those who met him.

Jack has been collecting for, and donating to, the RNLI for over sixty years. Rosemarie, Jack’s daughter, got in touch with us last year and asked RNLI Rye Harbour if he could be given a special welcome for his 98th birthday (outside and socially-distanced of course) and the station did not hesitate.

So this year we welcomed Jack back to celebrate his 99th birthday and gave him an open invitation to return next year as we want to celebrate his 100th.

He is such a wonderful man and was thrilled with his welcome. The Atlantic 85 came back into the harbour from a training session to welcome him. Thank you to the wonderful volunteer crew who go the extra mile.

Image Credits: Kt Bruce .


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