A brighter street scene

Job finished in Tower Street

No one could help but notice the brightly repainted yellow lines throughout the town centre. The  East Sussex County Council Highways Department has chosen a good time for the work, when the streets are emptier than usual of parked cars.

Road-marking vehicle in Tower Street

When I was out taking my camera for its morning walk, I met the operators in the main photograph, just finishing off in Tower Street. Their DAF vehicle had been specially adapted for this specific purpose by Somerford Equipment Ltd., a British company from Sandbach, Cheshire, and part of the Hitex International Group, also based in Cheshire. Hitex specialises in the manufacture of thermoplastic road-marking materials.

The lines themselves are thinner than traditionally used for highway road-marking and the colour is individual too. Both the colour and the width of the lines are the approved standard for use in designated conservation areas.

In the past, Rye Conservation Society has had to take action with ESCC to ensure that these standards were properly applied, but glad to report that this has not been necessary in recent years.

[Editor’s note : It is tempting to wonder though whether the repainting of the road markings has anything to do with the arrival of CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) in Rye sometime in the near future, along with parking meters and wardens]

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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