A load of cobblers!

Cobbles being repaired and re-laid near Lamb House

Well not cobblers really, and this isn’t about the ICRSR (International Conference for Retired Shoe Repairers) it’s just a feeble attempt at humour with reference to the repairs going on in central Rye at the moment. Earlier last week the main photograph shows the highways maintenance team hard at it, carefully replacing the cobbles near Lamb House.

Meanwhile another team was busy relaying slabs and cobbles in neighbouring Mermaid Street, not an easy job, as once the works are completed they have the task of re-laying carefully so they look as close to how they would have looked, for hundreds of years.

The highways department relaying flagstones on Mermaid Street

The line painting for most of the town seems to have all but finished now, the disabled parking bays are established, yellow lines added or painted over, and the parking meters and signs are now all in place.

But there are still a lot of improvements needed to the pavements and roads, in and around the town, so let’s hope many of these get addressed before the onset of winter.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber , Nick Forman .


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