A rave on Camber Sands

Rave on Camber Sands beach

On Sunday, June 14 there was an unusual occurrence on Camber Sands just in front of the five houses on the beach next to the Kitkat Café – a rave.

It was a party, with loud music, a constant beat, powered by a generator and quite a few barbecues going. There were perhaps some 300 people, which is against current government regulations, a generator for the music (against by-laws) and several pieces of food cooking equipment, again against by-laws, but the rave was peaceful and folk were having a good time.

Then the tide came in and washed the ravers out. They were squeezed in towards the houses and then it was all over. The waste was binned and packaged up but seagulls and their sharp beaks went to work looking for extra food and bags and foodstuffs got scattered all over the place.

If the organisers are hoping to repeat the experience, that may not happen as Rother District Council coastal officers will be ready for such a large group next time.

Image Credits: Carol Macdonald .


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