In memory of a Ryer

The Landgate - guarded night and day to keep the plague out

This is a tribute to the memory of Robert Dover, known by all as Bob, who passed away on February 5, 2019. A beloved hobby of Bob’s was writing poetry, especially about his love for Rye. His family has suggested this one as an example of his work, as it was one of his favourites.

Across the silent Romney Marsh
In wraith-like, eerie, misty trails
The town of Rye, upon its hill
In buttress’d form prevails

My quicken’d step, excited yet
From childhood to my heady youth
Before my eyes, in memories
In fleeting glances, leapt

Your streets, your places seem the same
Familiar, and yet unreal
As progress stamps her ugly mark
My fond dreams still remain

The Land Gate, Rope Walk, Hilders Cliff
The Mint, Fishmarket, Ferry Road
St Mary’s Church, the cobbled streets
A glorious past, unfolds

Friends, some remembered some now distant
Faces, Places, voices ring
Still somewhere in my past they slumber
Such memories, a longing bring

A Ryer born, a Ryer bred
Her cloying hold, upon me still
My shoulders, mantled in her glory
Heartfelt, proud, a dream fulfilled

Robert Dover

Image Credits: J. Minter .


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