A traditional summer fete

St. Michael's summer fete, Playden

The traditional nature of the small village fete has always proved popular, and none more so than that of St. Michael’s Church in Playden.

Having missed 2020 because of the pandemic, the 2021 renewal was eagerly awaited and plenty of supporters were on hand to ensure the day was a tremendous success.

Church Warden Helen Gray said: “It’s our first fete since lockdown and we’re very happy with the response we’ve had.”

Teas inside the church, a tombola, raffle, kids games, including the ever-popular ladder game, plants, a Pimms bar, card reading and “Helen’s Apron” Lucky Dip, all contributed to the very traditional summer fete atmosphere.

All proceeds from the fete go towards maintenance costs of St. Michael’s, featured in the popular book, “England’s Thousand Best Churches” by Simon Jenkins.

“It makes a vital contribution to fund raising for the church” said Alan Dickinson, church warden. “We’ve had to spend £100,000 to re-shingle the church spire, which was last done in 1968. The woodpeckers had done a good job on the old one.”

Storm damage has also created extra expenditure on tree surgery to make the churchyard safe for the public.

Image Credits: Chris Lawson http://www.lawsonpics.com, Chris Lawson .


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