A very, very fine seasonal cake

The Christmas fruit cake

Worth a photo, this delightful-looking Christmas cake was made by Patricia Ashton-Cobb.

Unable because of the pandemic to appear at the Friday Country Market at the Community Centre on Conduit Hill, Trish has been dispensing the fruits of her garden, orchard and kitchen from her home at Moons Green, Wittersham.

Week by week she and her husband Philip have been meeting the needs of a growing circle of customers for fresh vegetables, baked dishes and conserves of various kinds – but we understand they are taking a break for now until February.

With a choice of top icing and marzipan or decorated with nuts and glacé fruits, we chose the latter for the less sweet tooth. Thank you Trish and Philip and we hope to see you back in Rye before too long.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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