A warm welcome

Rye Town Hall features prominently in the video below

Rye will be offering a warm welcome when lockdown ends and is looking forward to reopening, optimistic for the commercial future of the town and high street.  Made up of mainly independent businesses, Rye has a history of surviving battles over the centuries.

As the November 2020 lockdown ended, Rye & District Chamber of Commerce received a grant from the government and the EU Regional Development Fund to sponsor a Rye Opens Safely promotional video. Chamber member Jane Brook of Space Coworking worked with James Bloom of In Bloom Video to capture Rye and surrounds on video and stills featuring its variety of retail, accommodation and hospitality.

There was great enthusiasm for the project and all were keen to get back to business. Hopes were quickly dashed. By mid-December Rye was in tier 3 and within 24 hours moved into tier 4 then in the new year to national lockdown.

Creative editing and commentary has enabled the reworking of what was originally planned when the filming was done and the chamber is now delighted to showcase Rye’s great offering, and welcome, whilst reminding everyone to adhere to coronavirus safety guidelines of social distancing, use of sanitizer and wearing masks.

A follow up video, to be released after Easter, has been produced from unused footage extolling the fabulous town of Rye, its history, shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes and Rye looks forward to welcoming you just as soon as the government confirms “unlock”

Contact details: Sara Nixon, Rye & District Chamber of Commerce
Telephone: 07867 652839
Email ryechamber31@gmail.com

Source: Rye and District Chamber of Commerce

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Well done Sara, a great article and congratulations to Jane, a brilliant video, just the exposure the town needs to help put it back on the shopping map and to tempt visitors back spending their money in local shops and not all on line. Lets hope our readers share the video wherever possible and we can all do our bit to support local businesses and get the message out there loud and clear, “Rye will soon be open for business” once more.

  2. Great to hear positives Sarah, the two negatives our 5 star George Hotel,still looking far from finished,and the appalling state of the road through the high street, which no doubt Highways will cause more chaos, when they eventually decide to resurface it,after Lockdown .


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