A window of opportunity

Andy McConnell's glass shop on Rope Walk, available to purchase now.

In April this year I wrote an article which featured Andy McConnell’s shop on Rope Walk, ‘Glass etc, Antiques and High Class Junk’ – a fascinating and substantial multi-faceted group of buildings with a very interesting historical background.

The building has more to offer than you might expect and in addition to the large retail shop premises there is also a two bedroom period cottage, exhibition gallery and a coach house workshop/garage together with a courtyard garden, enclosed yard and, a rarely available commodity in Rye, private parking.

The whole property is currently for sale and the agents handling the disposal are Phillips and Stubbs in Cinque Ports Street who can be contacted on 01797 227338 and further information is available on their website, www.phillipsandstubbs.co.uk.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. How sad to hear that Andy is selling up! Have loved popping into the shop to find that unusual gift and that special message written on a card! We will miss your presence, knowledge and eccentric character Andy!

  2. In reply to Julia Farrington, “yes” is the answer. For example, of all the properties in Rope Walk, only two have private parking, the rest have to pay to park and in many areas of central Rye there is either very limited private parking or non at all. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to people living here or wanting to move here, its been this way for a very long time and is unlikely to change any time soon.


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