Allotments charity collection

Colin Pope (left) regional coordinator for Tools with a Mission

South Undercliff allotments celebrated the start of the growing season with a bumper donation to charity Tools with a Mission (TWAM).

The allotmenteers clubbed together and donated old tools to the charity which were recently picked up by local coordinator Colin Pope (pictured above). The tools will be refurbished by the charity and sent to developing countries where they will be reused to help people become subsistence farmers or set themselves up in a trade.

Tools with a Mission is a national charity that collects unwanted tools and sorts and refurbishes them in a number of refurbishment centres around the UK. The tools are then arranged into trade kits including builders’ kits, carpenters’ kits, electricians’ kits, agricultural kits, plumbers’ kits and motor mechanics’ kits. In addition, TWAM collects and refurbishes old sewing and knitting machines, desktop computers and laptops.

On average TWAM sends two containers a month overseas, each one packed with tools destined for up to 40 applicants. Currently they are looking for volunteers to help sew the small kit bags that will contain the buttons, pins and haberdashery for the sewing kits.

For more information on TWAM or to volunteer to help sew kit bags go to their website.

The collection of the tools for TWAM coincided with the erection of a large heavy-duty communal shed on South Undercliff allotments. The shed was recently purchased with a grant from Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm Fund at Sussex Community Foundation. The shed nestles pride-of-place within the allotment’s communal orchard and stores communal machinery, which has either been bought or donated, and which all plot holders on the South Undercliff allotments can use to manage their plots.

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy .


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