Artists paint at Lamb House

An artist painting the rose garden at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

The National Trust ran its first ‘Painting the Garden’ event at Lamb House on June 19. There were some fabulous artists attending who created beautiful pieces, drawing inspiration from the garden and interiors of Lamb House. The artists thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to paint in the surroundings of the house and were even treated to tea and cake.

A peaceful corner in which to paint

They were supported by Judith Tosland  who provided teaching and help where necessary. The work speaks for itself.

Anna Whyatt, who attended the day on Wednesday said: “It was such a privilege to work here in the garden where Henry James also undoubtedly worked. Judith was so interesting to talk to and so supportive.” David Tovey, another artist, wrote: “It was a pleasure to have open access to the property and be able to take time to consider the buildings and grounds from an art perspective. Judith and the staff were great and there was nothing lacking in the facilities.”

Are you a budding artist? The event is being run again on August 14, from 10am-1pm; 1:30pm-4:30pm, costing £25pp including tea and cake. Pop into the Lamb House ticket office/shop for more information.

Image Credits: National Trust .


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