Bake sale update

Rye Deli chefs Tamzin Sundaram and Liz Wood with some of their creations ready for the bake sale in aid of the Ukrainian refugee fund

Rye Deli are pleased to announce that a whopping £830.00 was raised through our recent bake sale, all proceeds raised from the delicious biscuits, sweet and savoury scones baked by Tamzin and Liz, which were hugely popular!

Everyone’s purchases and donations were generous and we are pleased to announce that the proceeds are being shared between two Ukrainian families who are being hosted here. One family has arrived and are residing with Jane Conlin’s very kind daughter and family in an apartment they were able to provide.  The other half of the proceeds will go to another family hosted by a Rye local (more details as and when the bureaucracy has progressed).

I can assure you that the feedback from the host family is that this money has been invaluable as a start-up fund to establish simple things like a bank account and no doubt help towards some basic things for the family and their four children.

We have kept a donation jar in Rye Deli and will break into it nearer Christmas to send on to these same families … so if you are passing and have a few spare coins, drop it in!

Thank you again to everyone who has participated in giving two families a welcoming and helping hand.


Image Credits: Chris Lawson .


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