Beauty and beastly tippers

Fairfield Church is such an iconic and important building in a beautiful rural location.

For those who haven’t been there, a trip to Fairfield church – when you can – is well worth the effort. However, like most churches, it is currently closed due to the coronavirus, but it really doesn’t matter too much because the stunning location is enough of an attraction on its own – a unique and absolutely beautiful sight in a perfect rural setting.

St Thomas Becket church in Fairfield on the Romney Marsh stands alone in fields surrounded only by watercourses and sheep. Around 1200 AD, a simple timber and lath construction was built as a temporary place of worship for local farmers, but temporary became permanent and the building survived until the 18th century.

Then the entire building was encased within brick walls, rebuilt in 1912 – though the inside was left virtually untouched. During the winter and epring the church used to be surrounded by water until in 1913 a causeway was built.

The main photo shows how isolated it is with rural views as far as the eye can see. The country lanes wind through the surrounding countryside, and what could be better on a lovely sunny day with blue skies and very little traffic about.

But then the tone changes dramatically for just along the way from the church at a passing place you are immediately brought back to the stark reality that to some, this stunning location and these beautiful rural surroundings mean absolutely nothing.

This beautiful spot has been temporarily blighted by mindless fly tippers.

Fly tippers have struck, the beast of the countryside has made its mark in the form of a huge pile of empty plastic containers and rubbish, enough to fill a small lorry, dumped with no thought for the environment or wildlife who may come and investigate.

Fly tipping has increased substantially across the UK since lockdown, but the irony is the waste recycling facilities (tips to you and me) have now re-opened, so there is absolutely no excuse for not taking unwanted rubbish there.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. I passed this mess recently on the way to see Fairfield church, having smelt it before seeing it. Surely there might be some means of identifying the offender from the tubs, etc left there? Pity the poor folk who have to remove it.


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