Brede WI get planting

Planting under way

You can see what a busy time Brede WI members, family and friends had on the morning of Saturday March 18 when they gathered to plant the copse pack of 30 saplings provided free by the Woodland Trust.

It was the previous October when Brede WI made their application for the pack, which comprised 10 silver birch, 10 rowan, five crab apple and five wild cherry, and notification was received in December that the application had met the criteria that the saplings would be planted in an area that was accessible to the local community, where birds would be happy to make their homes and wildlife allowed to enjoy the habitat.

We took delivery of the saplings earlier in March and the team of volunteers who undertook the planting had a thoroughly enjoyable morning – it was a true example of many hands making light work as the 30 saplings were in the ground in an hour, planted in accordance with the recommendations of the Woodland Trust. The saplings are planted a short distance from the slightly more mature field maple Brede WI planted last autumn in support of the WI’s partnership with The Climate Coalition and appreciation of our beautiful local countryside, so we are looking forward to seeing them all grow and develop over the coming months and years.

After the planting the team made their way to the nearby home of member Pat Whateley, where they enjoyed her hospitality during another convivial hour of coffee, cakes and chat.

Photo: Brede WI


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