Burning the chopsticks

Burns Night guests at Winchelsea New Hall a year ago

Tomorrow Saturday, January 25 is both the Chinese New Year and Robert Burns Night so there are two reasons to go out and celebrate – and the latter (celebrating Scotland’s favourite poet) has certainly been used in the past as an opportunity for fundraising.

Last year was no exception with Winchelsea hosting a fundraiser for the Sussex Wildlife Trust as shown above.

Not to be out done the Sailability charity was also raising funds with some Scottish dancing (pictured below) – an activity best undertaken early on in the evening.

Scottish dancing get under way

Rye News has no record yet of Chinese New Year celebrations locally, but I recall (from when I worked on the Kent Messenger in the ’60s) that it involved a long night of gambling on overseas horse racing shown on a huge screen behind an even bigger buffet of wide ranging Chinese delicacies (though I would not recommend chicken feet in batter).

The Chinese New Year kicks off the Spring Festival which lasts until February 4, and this will be the Year of the Rat.

Any stories for Rye News about how either festival was celebrated this year will be most welcome.

Image Credits: Barry Yates , Caroline Wylson .



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